Refocus Communications & Fundraising draws upon a stable of experts in the fields of marketing, communications, data analysis, graphic design, web design, videography, computer programming, print production, event planning and more.

We love both big projects – digging into strategy, systems, program development and re-visioning multi-channel messaging – and the smaller opportunities to help charities with a key brochure or brand clarifying meeting. Our satisfaction comes from making a difference in the area most needed by the organization – not pitching you our preconceived one-size-fits-all package.

So drop us a line, and we’ll make the world a better place together.

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Refocus is the brainchild of Aimée Lindenberger. Aimée is passionate about her role in helping charitable organizations make the world a better place. Armed with her degree in Graphic Communications Management, double minors in Marketing and Multimedia, a tender heart and insightful mind, and nearly twenty years of marketing and communications experience, she has worked with charities across Canada, helping them build fundraising programs.

Aimée loathes buzzwords and loves actionable strategies. (Oops! Were those buzzwords?)

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