• Engage your Donors

    Genuine donor engagement should be meaningful to your donors, timely, relevant and ongoing. It should create opportunities for true two-way communication and always be purposeful.

    You need to balance being very strategic and intentional about your messaging with being responsive and available for more personal communications.

    Our engagement plans accomplish these objectives by providing a systematic yet sensitive way to reach out to your supporters, and ongoing communications so you can keep them inspired and interested.

    The core components of the engagement plans are four completely custom pieces sent over the course of a year (either traditional print and mail, or digital) which are designed to engage your supporters and provide opportunities for them to give you feedback as well as take time for self-reflection about why you are important in their lives, and the world.

  • Share your impact

    We then share your impact through stories and make a case for giving to keep them focused on not just the need, but the impact and your vision for a better world.

    Through deeply engaging your supporters you:

    • develop a deeper personal relationship with individual donors
    • increase likelihood of longer and larger lifetime giving
    • open a channel of personal communication, making offers for face-to-face contact more welcome
    • identify the areas of giving interest of your supporter
    • discover the personal stories, connections and the meaning your organization has in your supporter’s life
    • more deeply understand your supporter which strengthens subsequent interactions in all areas of their giving

    The Refocus engagement plans can be configured to fit your organization – whether you have a team of dedicated volunteers, in-house communications staff, or will be outsourcing to large third-party suppliers. Our project management expertise means whichever way makes sense for your organization will work for us.

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