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Whatever your fundraising goal, donor engagement is the best place to start. Refocus customizes donor engagement plans based on your aims, your resources, the size of your donor base and your unique story.

We do this by delving deep into your existing communications, understanding your supporters, their values and how your organization is unique in the world.  We then create pieces using your organization’s voice, drilling down into the core reason your work is meaningful to your donors’ lives, and create two-way dialogue with your supporters.

The process is entirely scalable whether you are using volunteer resources, in-house communications teams, or large third-party suppliers.

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You do great things in the world, and the world needs you to keep doing them. That’s why your communications to your existing supporters as well as the broader public are so important. When you communicate the need, and how you meet it, in an engaging and effective way you gain more supporters, your donors want to give more, and they stay engaged for the long-term.
Our team specializes in creating messaging in the unique organizational voice of every charity we work with, and brings the experience of creating tailored fundraising communications for over 20 charities in 3 years.  
Your fundraising communications can be compelling, grounded in research, up-to-date with best practices and with clear metrics and measurements. Testing your messaging, tailoring it to specific sub-groups, and refining with each new set of information ensures your fundraising messaging stays fresh and results-driven.

Whether you are new to your organization and wish to get up to speed on deeply understanding your organizational voice and communications style; or want to take a critical look at your existing pieces to potentially revamp how you communicate with donors; or wish to make some dedicated time to work on your communications plan with the input and shared experience of others, you can benefit from these 4- and 8-week courses.

This is a professional development option for fundraisers, communications team members, board members and more.

Our courses are weekly one hour group e-sessions, suggested exercises for you to complete on your own, and a 1-on-1 session to discuss your unique challenges which you may choose to use at any point during the course.

We keep our group sizes small group to ensure individual attention.


From investigation to action: 8 weeks to deeply understand and improve your donor communications

Do you have a new, never-been-done-before idea? A fundraising faux-pas you are looking to recover from? A piece you just can’t seem to find time for in-house? Need a second set of eyes to make sure you’re on track?

That’s the stuff that gets our juices going! Whether it is a one-time oddity, or a big picture strategic overhaul, Refocus is adept at adapting.

We love to stretch our minds and meet new challenges – a day without something different can be pretty darned dull. We can’t wait to hear what you have to throw at us!