The Refocus Communications & Fundraising approach really comes down to a deep and unrelenting curiosity. We’re curious about you, we’re curious about your donors, we’re curious about why you do what you do, what works for you and what doesn’t. We want to understand your current situation and your goals.

This curiosity is the underpinning of our drive to get to the heart of your organization so we can communicate to your supporters your purpose and how you make the world a better place, and in turn, raise more money for your organization’s work.

You’ll see this approach in our five keys to communications and fundraising:

  • Find out Why

    We will ask you “Why?” a lot. If we can, we’ll ask your stakeholders, service recipients and donors “why?”. We want the full picture of why your organization exists in the world, why the work is important, why donors choose to give, why staff are passionate about the cause, why donors give to you instead of a similar organization, why volunteers chose to get involved, etc. Don’t worry, we promise not to make you sick of it!

  • Think like a Donor

    Have you ever imagined what it is like to be one of your donors? What it is like to get all of the communications you send over a year, and whether that is too much or too little? Have you ever looked at your outgoing envelopes or subject lines and thought, “If this came to me, would I open it?” We do! We go beyond donor-centric, to truly imagine every little thing from the donor’s perspective.

  • Share Stories

    There are good reasons your organization exists. It started for a reason, and it continues for a reason. If you can communicate these reasons in a memorable, inspiring and heartfelt way, you can make the most meaningful impact on donors. Stories make things relatable, they bring things from the hypothetical to the concrete, and they have the power to stick with the reader and inspire for a long time to come.

  • Learn more

    Just as the insatiable quest to understand is the start of the process, the desire to learn more continues through to the end. We love digging in to data, analytics, response rates and measurements. We want to look at A/B testing results and figure out where things could be improved. We see all feedback as valuable and believe that only through continuous learning can you keep growing.

  • Try again

    Learning, tweaking and trying new things to keep improving results over the long term is why with Refocus you never stagnate. You may be looking to expand your engagement in certain donor pools, or perhaps doing more online communications, maybe you want to deepen relationships with key donors or improve donor retention – whatever your specific goal, our commitment to trying new things, assessing what works, and improving each time can help you achieve it.

And now we’re curious what you think. Do you have a question for us? Want to discuss further?