• Are you facing increasing demands – demands on your time, your resources, your organization’s services and your priorities?
  • Do you need to balance resource development with program delivery and can’t yet afford to bring on more staff to help?
  • Are you are looking for core, long-term funding to be able to deliver services and have reliable income levels to continue to grow?
  • Do you need to break into a fairly saturated charity landscape and stand out from larger charities?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above – know that you are in the right place!

We can help you communicate how you are different, and why donors should support your vision. Whether it is through developing an organizational brand, creating key messaging, a website overhaul or a new print piece, we love to help you so your cause resonates with your supporters.

And be sure to check out our course offerings, where you can learn some strategies to do some of this yourself too!

  • Are you wanting to stand out from the pack more and make your unique organizational voice heard?
  • Are you searching for more sustainable funding sources, so you do not have to operate hand-to-mouth so much?
  • Do you have plans to grow new programs like Monthly Giving or Legacy/Planned Giving?
  • Are you looking at new avenues of communication and expanding the ways you engage donors?

Refocus Communications & Fundraising can help you if you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above.

Specializing in new program development and implementation, communications, and engagement, we can help you achieve your specific fundraising and communications goals be they big or small.

Our tailored approach lets you identify the area you wish to work on and then choose the recommended strategies – from a full engagement plan to a specific area of focus or training.

  • Do you wish for a simple, manageable process to reignite your donors’ engagement, and deepen your individual relationships with each one?
  • Are you looking to stay relevant, meaningful, ahead of the game and moving with the times?
  • Want to ensure your fundraising messages are inspiring and your communications are cohesive while grounded in results?
  • Are you looking for ways to enhance your stewardship and accountability to your donors and ensure your supporters stay engaged and with you for the long run?

As you seek to balance keeping your response rates and donor engagement high and your fundraising and administrative costs low, let us help!

We have engagement plans you can implement in-house or outsource, and always love to hear a good challenge.

Whether you just want an outsider’s insights or a full review and analysis of your communications and fundraising Refocus can customize a solution for you. So, tell us your aims and we’ll tell you our ideas.